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Gen. John Shalikashvili


Early one spring morning in 1945, an 8-year old boy was standing on a bridge in the small  German  village of  Pappenheim.  He was a citizen of no country, having been born in Warsaw to refugees who fled to Poland in the wake of the Russian Revolution. He himself was also a refugee, his family having in turn fled his birthplace after barely surviving the bloody Warsaw Uprising in 1944.

That morning he and other villagers had been ordered to pry up bridge decking, in a bid to slow down the advance of approaching American GIs. As dawn broke he happened to glance across the river. There on the opposing bank, rifles at the ready, was the lead patrol of the advancing American units.

Fast forward, now, fifty years later. That refugee boy on the bridge had somehow managed to become Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff--the highest-ranking soldier in the world’s most powerful military.

How did John Shalikashvili come to make this incredible journey? That is the subject of the biography I am writing.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Shali biographer Andrew Marble, showcasing manifest from the S.S. America voyage that brought Madame Albright to the United States in 1948. Gen. Shali took that same ship to the United States when he emigrated from Europe in 1952.(August 2011)

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Andrew Marble  

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