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The road is long and the dynamics of publishing have changed. Authors now bear almost all the costs of researching and even marketing their books.

This is true even for books on such an exceptional person as Gen. Shali. 

Impassioned as I am to understand his rise from stateless WWII refugee to the highest-ranking soldier in the world’s most powerful military, I’ve cut expenses to the bone in order to work full time on this biography.  I’ve lived the itinerant life for over a year now, housesitting or living with friends.

Through it all my dedication to drawing out his story has never waned. Yet the project is at a critical time now, and help from others could ensure that I can focus full-time on completing the research--and capturing this vivid life to share with everyone.


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At CJCS Shalikashvili archives at the Special Collections of National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington D.C.